Enrich customers’ experience with BeaconStream

Proximity based mobile marketing & advertising platform to increase your business revenues

What is BeaconStream?

BeaconStream helps businesses enrich their customers experience by delivering relevant mobile Ads based on context, proximity, location and business type. Unlike many existing GPS based systems, BeaconStream uses latest iBeacon technology, which is more location accurate. It helps businesses to increase revenues, branding and customer loyalty.


How it works?

Attract customers into your store with fresh, relevant and latest deals

Step 1

Buy and place our Smart Beacons at your business location

Step 2

Subscribe to our Web Console to create digital content

Step 3

Notify customers and deliver the content when they walk into your store


Smart mobile marketing made easy with BeaconStream

We provide all required tools and technology to make mobile marketing quick, easy and powerful


Generic or branded Beacons are provided to enable your business location to greet and notify customers about the deals/offers

SDK (Software Development Kit)

SDK is provided to enable your branded app with beacon technology and content delivery capabilities

Web Console

Cloud based web console is provided to create, save, stream and monitor your customized digital content and campaigns. Also mobile app is provided to track campaigns on the go


Mobile Apps

Your own branded App or BeaconStream consumer app is enabled to receive deals/offers

Business Benefits

BeaconStream app empowers businesses to send (and consumers to receive) notifications, data, coupons,
promotions and videos using Apple’s latest iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies

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  • enhanceExp
    Shopping Experience
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    Marketing Insights
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    Custom Branded
    Beacons and Apps
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    Stream Content
    In Realtime