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iBeacon is the name of an Apple trademarked technology for an indoor positioning system that runs on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth Smart. Apple calls this technology a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby devices of their presence. They can also be used by the Android operating system as well. The technology enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications to iOS devices in close proximity.
Beacons have been used for hundreds of years as simple sources of navigation. Today, an electronic beacon is a device which marks a fixed location and allows direction finding technology to identify relative bearing and direction to the beacon.
BeaconStream is a proximity based mobile marketing application for businesses and consumers using Apple’s latest iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies. It enables businesses to send and consumers to receive – notifications, data, coupons, promotions and videos to mobile phones using these technologies. The BeaconStream application enables an iOS device or any other BLE devices to send timely notifications to mobile phones in close proximity (up to 100 feet). In a real life scenario it will be more of a location-aware, context-aware, pervasive small wireless transmitter that can send notifications. BeaconStream is designed to generate unique customer analytics for any type of business and create innovative customer-business relationships.
Proximity based marketing is a scenario and context-based form of marketing using a consumers general location. This style of marketing reaches consumers that are already shopping in a store or searching for a certain service within a business. Due to the possible consumer’s interest in a certain store, mall, stadium, etc. proximity based marketing can share related promotions with the consumer.
Upon registration, any potential BeaconStream user must acknowledge and inform whether they are a ‘consumer’ or a ‘business’ BeaconStream account. The difference between these two accounts is that the ‘business’ account enables the application to transform your mobile device into a transmitting beacon, allowing you to create custom content such as the push notifications seen above. A ‘consumer’ account is an account that is solely used by shoppers. Every day people who are looking for the best deals and newest information. Consumer accounts cannot transmit and therefore do not create original content to push to other mobile devices. To put it simply: the businesses are the senders and customers are the receivers.
Simply disable and enable the Bluetooth on your device. This will allow your device to pick up beacons in range. If that does not fix the problem then you may need to consult your wireless carrier or your local Apple store.
After registering and re-registering your devices Bluetooth connectivity and opening the BeaconStream application, if you are still not detecting a local beacon then your beacons may be inoperable. Try the ‘bad’ beacons with as many devices as possible before determining their inability.
For iOS: OS Version iOS 7+ and bluetooth 4.0 support
Device: iPhone 4S and above.
For Android OS: KitAkat OS and above that is 4.3 and above.
Device: As Android supports many devices from different manufacturers, the list is huge.
However, any device which have 4.3 OS and above is supported.
No support for windows and blackberry
No, the consumer application is a free app available from the app store or Google Play. It is labeled ‘ BeaconStream Consumer’ app
You, the consumer will be able to receive relevant marketing to businesses near you that you may want to visit while you are out and about. You can also receive coupons or specials from the businesses you visit most, or ancillary product information, depending on what the merchants are advertising. For example, if you are traveling and staying in a hotel, that hotel can stream to your mobile device the nightly specialties, or offer a discount for visiting their other on-site establishments. If looking for a house, instead of paper fliers, you will be able to stay in your car and get all of the detailed information about selling price, features, etc. streamed to you. Restaurants, strip malls, hospital ER’s, libraries, museum maps… the uses are endless. Each time you ‘like’, receive or ‘share’ a campaign on social media, you will receive points that will be redeemable for merchandise, gift cards or other items.
No, none of your personal information will be received from your mobile device. Your app enabled smartphone will receive pushed communication streamed from BeaconStream businesses.
No, you only need the main BeaconStream consumer application on your mobile device.
Yes, you can choose not to receive any further notifications once you have received an ‘offer’ from a certain business.
Yes, from the app store, you are required to have iOS 7 or above. From Google Play you will need Android 4.3 or above.
The only data usage would be to originally download the app. To receive streamed information will not use any data since it utilises Bluetooth technology.
No. Your first beacon is free and the BeaconStream biz app is also free.
There is a very reasonable monthly fee for Beaconstream marketing. It is much less than print advertising with no forced commitments like a 6 month or 12 month for a print publication. For pricing information email
No you do not have to have a mobile application built already. All you have to do is download BeaconStream Biz from the app store or Google Play. However, if you have your own proprietary app, you can easily integrate BeaconStream services through our simple SDK. To obtain our SDK, email
Upload pictures, video, etc. and stream out to close proximity customers. No need to be tech savvy…we have easy to use templates you can use to design your marketing campaigns, from happy hour specials and restaurant specialties, to coupons for ancillary products at a store. The uses are endless!! If you don’t know where to begin, we will be happy to help and train you on how to use the templates to your benefit.
Absolutely not!! You can attach a beacon to anything! Put them in your car, on a food truck, kiosk, and carry in your purse. Anywhere you would like to have a beacon, place one and it will send out the information you have scheduled it to send out.
Top use cases are restaurants, hotels and hospitality, sporting venues and arenas, salons, hospitals, real estate, museums, libraries, schools, outdoor festival and carnivals….again, the uses are limitless!
Yes. Beaconstream is located in many countries around the world. For a complete list click here
Rechargeable 2000 Amps Battery [No other company has this today] with one charge beacon can work for 9-10 months non-stop ‘Guaranteed’ even while emitting strongest signals] it will also have a ​Battery Status LED indicator.


Returns Policy

If you did not purchase your beacon from BeaconStream directly, please contact the retailer where you purchased your device for return processes and information. If you purchased your device or accessory on or a BeaconStream representative, please read the information below for return and/or refund processes. BeaconStream aims to deliver cutting edge beacon devices and accessories. If you are not satisfied with your purchase and you acquired your device directly from BeaconStream, please email, contact your Beaconstream sales representative or complete the online ‘return’ form. If you obtained your BeaconStream device from a Beaconstream partner or affiliate, please contact them directly to have them complete the online ‘return’ form. Once items are received by BeaconStream, new items will be processed within 14 calendar days

Refunds Policy

If for any reason you do not want or need a replacement device and are requesting a refund, you have 15 calendar days from date of receipt, to return a device and request a refund. The device and accessories must be returned to BeaconStream in its original packaging according to the instructions provided in the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. BeaconStream will issue a refund in your BeaconStream Wallet account for the amount paid for the device, less any shipping and handling charges.