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Web Console

Cloud based web console is provided to create, save, stream and monitor your customized digital content and campaigns.


  • Easy integration with your Apps
  • Multiple marketing campaign creation
  • Multiple templates available to use
  • Comprehensive analytics to measure campaign’s success
  • Multiple location management
  • Beacons management

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This SDK (Software Development Kit) is useful to enable your own branded mobile app with beacon technology.


  • Can be fully operational in just a few hours
  • Easy to integrate with your App
  • Made for small or large enterprises
  • App developers can use and make more money
  • Multiple location management
  • Beacons management

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Business Mobile App

Business mobile app is used by businesses to monitor their campaigns on the go.


  • Monitor marketing campaigns
  • View analytics
  • View campaigns performance

Administration and Management Mobile App coming soon on iTunes and Google Play


Consumer Mobile App

The BeaconStream consumer app is useful if your business doesn’t have a branded mobile app. In this case, our App can be offered for free to your customers to view your deals. A Great help for small to medium businesses to become tech savvy in no time.


  • Free for consumers
  • Users are notified when they get into Beacon enabled region
  • Users can view, save, share and like deals
  • Users can search for business locations and deals

Want a white label App?

Consumer App is available on both Apple iTunes and Google Play.

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